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If you have been following my blogs you will know that this is not my first shot at losing weight. I’ve lost count of the number of times that I have attempted to do this. I remember about 10 years ago, during summer break from college, one of my best friends and I joined a gym. We had big goals for that summer and we started off really motivated and excited about losing weight together. We had a trainer and were given a diet plan. We had all the tools that we needed to be successful.

Ten years later, we are both still overweight and pretty unhappy with ourselves because of it. We often reminisce on that summer with tons of regret. If only we would have stuck to it we would have LONG reached our goal. Instead, for me at least, I continued to gain weight. As life happened I used food as my comfort and the pounds just kept on coming.

I have tons of other failed attempts that I could tell you about…so I was really reluctant to talk about my efforts this time around. Why wasn’t I able to stick with it in the past? I have a bunch of really good excuses, but it’s quite simple…mentally I wasn’t ready to do the work!

My trainer, Cervio, lives by the mantra “Mental Attitude Determines Elevation”. I didn’t really pay him any mind the first time that he said this to me. It didn’t mean anything at all. I was completely focused on the physical aspects that I wanted to change. I wanted to lose weight and I wanted to do it now!

The first month or so was rough. I was committed to attending my training sessions but I wasn’t committed in the kitchen. I tried to eat better but easily gave into temptation. I started to lose weight, which was good, but it all just felt like a routine. I was absent minded. I done what Cervio told me to do but I done it halfheartedly. And while I still got results, they were halfhearted results. After a month or so I started to feel discouraged because I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. But truthfully speaking, I wasn’t giving the effort required to get those results.

But in every journey there is a turning point, a moment or event in time that changes everything! Mine came in the middle of a training session. We were doing mile time trails on this day and I was NOT feeling it at all. But like I said, I do what my trainer tells me to do, so I started on my first of four laps. I was not giving it my best and at the end of the first lap Cervio told me to pick up my pace because I was far behind my last recorded time. I’m pretty sure I rolled my eyes as he said it and kept on going. At the end of the second lap he told me stop.

In that moment I was really happy that he said I could stop running around that track! It was hot! I was tired! I did not want to do it! We carried on with some other exercises until my session was over and then I left. I didn’t think much of it at the time but later that evening during my reflection I felt horrible! I felt like I had failed. I didn’t give it 100% and I knew I didn’t. I could have done the mile. I could have ran more and walked faster. But I wasn’t mentally prepared to make the sacrifice.

I learned so much from that one training session. I finally understood what he means when he tells me that my mental attitude will determine my elevation. I had done that mile before. I had conquered workouts that were much harder than that mile. So rationally speaking there is NO reason why I couldn’t have done the mile on that day. I wasn’t injured. I wasn’t sick. There was nothing physically stopping me from completing that task. But my mind wasn’t right.

I learned through that experience that this journey is as much a mental one as it is a physical one. My body can only do what my mind will allow it to. When my mind is conditioned to thinking that I can’t do something, chances are I won’t be able to do it. When my attitude is nonchalant and unmotivated, my body responds the same way. We all have rough days, tough moments, but when those moments translate into a bad attitude we hinder our progress!

So I decided after that mental failure that I would stop limiting myself with negative thoughts. It’s not easy. I’m naturally a pessimistic person, so I tend to see the glass as half empty more often than half full. But the process of conditioning my mind to believe in myself and to remain committed even when I don’t feel like it, has been so rewarding! Not only am I literally watching myself do things that I never thought I could do but I’m starting to believe that I can do ANYTHING I put my mind and my heart into.

I used to be my own worst enemy but I’m learning how to be my biggest fan! The road is still long, the journey is still tough, but I don’t have to give up anymore. I can do this and I won’t talk myself out of it this time! My mind is M.A.D.E.!

What is your mind stopping you from achieving? It’s time to break that cycle! Mental Attitude Determines Elevation.


If you are in Bermuda and want to join the M.A.D.E. Movement you can contact Cervio Cox at mademovementbda@gmail.com or call 441-703-6559. We would love to have you on our team!

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