Love is My Religion

It’s no secret that I’ve struggled with love. I’ve written about it alot. Mostly stories of failed love and how they led me to ultimately reside in this beautiful place of self love.

For a while I had conditioned myself to fear love. I blamed love for the heartbreak and disappointment of my past. I was mad at myself for loving so recklessly and I vowed that I would never put myself in such a vulnerable position again.

But despite my best efforts to build a barrier around my heart, love still managed to permeate. It did not respect the boundary that I tried to create because love is boundless. It knows no boundary. It is unpredictable. You can’t tell it what to do. You can’t control it. You can’t contain it. And just when you think that you could live without it, it shows up and proves you wrong.

So, now that I’ve finally accepted that I could never really live a loveless life, I’ve opened myself up to a love that far surpassed anything I could have ever imagined. I opened myself up to real love. Universal love. Unconditional love. Unending love. What’s amazing is that the more I fall in love with myself, the more I love everything around me.

I love life. My children. My job. My parents. My friends. The sun. The sea. The wind. The trees. I fall in love with so many things every single day.

The laughter of my children as we wrestle on the ground. The view of the ocean from my backyard. The smell of lavender in my bath water. The brightness of the sun peering through my window. The whistling of the tree frogs at midnight. The sweet singing of the birds at day break. I fall in love with it all every morning because I understand that these moments will never come again.

Even during the struggle, I see love. When my children don’t want to eat their dinner or refuse to go to bed, in the midst of that frustration I love them. When my paycheck is less than my obligations or when the metaphorical well seems to run dry, I can, after careful reflection, find love in those moments too. For love breeds gratitude and gratitude breeds contentment.

And what is so incredible about this kind of love is that it is not associated with a person. It is not attached to a relationship. It is not committed to an objective. There is no pressure for it to be anything other than what it is. It just exists.

In its purest form, I’ve found that love is everywhere. It’s in everything.

Love is in the passion of intercourse and the pain of labor. It is the gentle cry of a newborn baby and the purity of a mother’s first glance at her child. Love is the soil that nourishes the plants which bring forth flowers. It is the rain that rapidly falls against my window. Love is the wind that bends even the strongest of trees. It is the waves as they crash against the shore. Love is the vibration that created our universe; the element that keeps everything balanced. It is a gift given freely to all that can embrace it.

It guides me, uplifts me and fuels me.  As I inhale, my spirit feels free, knowing that I am love. Each proton, neutron and electron within me becomes filled with love. And every breath that leaves my body exudes love. Because I choose to live in love. In love with the universe, in love with myself and in love with each moment.

I challenge you to fall in love with as many things as you can today! Because in all honesty, Love is God.  It is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. It is everywhere, all knowing and all powerful. Love is my religion.

Be strong…be courageous…BE GREAT!

With LOVE,



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